Wednesday, April 8, 2009

lovin it~

remember the nine west shoes that i want...??well...i went shopping in pavilion earlier and took a quick stop at nine west...heart broken...the shoes are not in store yet...bummer...tension i went to buy a few stuffs in Topshop, and trying to put aside the 'tensionness' ...oh it's that even a word...i don't care...haha... while window shopping, i found a pair of this really hot black heels and without wasting a second i tried it's perfect!!!! it's a 4 inch [rase2 nye la], covered black heels with two buckle straps at the's absolutely gorgeous...and to die least for i bought it...and now i was thinking, bile la nak pakai ek..amir and hafidz said it'll look great with any dress and intan also said kasut tu mmg sgt looks great with jeans too...sgt suke...!!!

i like~

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