Friday, April 17, 2009


last tuesday [14/4/09] me n my family went to cherating for vacation...we drove all the way from was a very looong journey...skt bontot dok dlm gerak tghari smpai cherating dlm kol 5 lebih..after checking in the hotel, me n my sis went straight down to the beach...the weather was perfect for a stroll at the beach..[saye x mandi laut ye..sgt takut..harap maklum]..the water is acceptably clean, well do not expect a californian beach that time air tgh kitorg dpt g quite further into the laut la and collected few hermit crabs..[intan la kate]..and they're still alive la that time...[now dah mati]..konon nak wat pet la...haha...and sgt byk crab..i even accidentally stepped on 1...haha..seb baik x kene kepit...besar lak tu crab2 die...

next morning lak nk g pantai lagi but unfortunately ujan...tisya, ayah n i went to have breakfast in kemaman..there's a kedai yg my dad suke gile,sanggup la nak drive to kemaman..pagi2 dah mkn nasi dagang..well that's my dad..suke mkn byk..after breakfast, ujan dah reda sket..n g la beach lagi..but time tu air x byk la dpt kutip live shells..sedih..basically, tu je la yg i wat kat cherating tu..nothing much..just chilling in the hotel coffee house n strolling at the beach je...


mr crabby~

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