Friday, July 17, 2009

recent life events

lately i've been pretty busy with school n time to blog too..hectic life..i know..but couple of months ago there's been a lot of things going on here..some are quite eventful n unforgetable and some are too hateful to, here we go..

25 may 2009
jen, my housemate started her very own cupcake business which turned out to be very successful..i must say her cupcakes were really cute n they taste good too..

12 june 2009
fara went to paris n geneva for a week with her freaks me out coz i wanted to go to paris again sooooo badly..envy her..but she bought me 50euro worth of lindt all time favourite lindt...u should try it's irrisistable..

14 june 2009
it's my bestfriend, yasmin's 23rd burfday..happy happy burfday babe..sorry i'm not there..

21 june 2009
it's elida's 23rd burfday...didn't do much..just makan2 kat umah aha je...hehe

24 june 2009
fara's burfday...too bad it was on wednesday...nothing much was done that day...but we had planned a surprised burfday dinner for her..

26-28 june 2009
a very eventful weekend..IMS interbatch sports carnival + malaysian food festival...basically it's a whole weekend of sports match such as badminton, tennis, futsal, soccer, basketball, sukaneka n etc..i obviously dont play anything la kan..kate x reti besukan but i do participate in sukaneka and menang no 1 tu..hehe..since i didnt join any activities, i join the cheerleading team..hehe..side by side with jen the head of cheerleader..i jahit skirt utk cheerleading k...kagum2..there were 3 teams, 'Chill-ease' the senior team with the hot chilly as the mascot, 'blue phtyon' the juniors and 'Mighty apes' the superjuniors...overall we won 1st place...good job good job...walaupun kitorg 75org je compared to 100+ juniors each team..we did good...hehe

29 june - 2nd july 2009
after a weekend of shouting n cheering under the hot blazing sun, i had a high grade fever lasting for 4 days...huh...not only that, i coughed a lot too n my mom was kinda worried if i develop pneumonia..immediately after that i grabbed my stethoscope n auscultated my chest..fuh..xde crepitations pon...haha...dont worry k ibu..lena ade good immunity..that's what i told was just a heat stroke i guess... but a really bad one to cause almost 1 week of high fever...

4th july 2009
we celebrated fara's burfday at shiok...but jen couldn't make it as she was sick..infected by me there were only 3 of, nad n fara..but it was fun..mkn byk kot..all the seafoods like crab, calamari, fish n tiger prawns..thumbs up for shiok...

5th july 2009
the 2nd charity dinner held by IMS..but most of the seniors bailed it.haha..dah mls kot nk g dinner2 ni especially kalau ade admin from MSU..sgt la nyampah...eventhough i didnt attend this year's charity dinner i still want to upload last year's dinner..mind u, i played the keyboard lagu tears in heaven kot..haha

13-16 july 2009
we just had our 1st internal assessment this week...huh..after a series of events bleh la plak ade exam kan..this year we only have 3 subjects ophthalmology, ENT and community medicine..but all are tough...pape pon..dah abes dah exam..tu yg bleh blog ni..hehe

well..that is all there is...hectic months..but i kinda enjoy year leh la wat lagi..hehe
okay..feel sleepy already..nak tdo..toodles~