Sunday, May 24, 2009

fruit cake~

yesterday i feel like eating my mom's fruit cake..and so, i made it myself...*clap clap*...haha...actually xde la susah sgt pon nak wat..cume i dont have a scale to measure the ingredients..pakai agak2 je..but jadi gak la...i didnt use the whole recipi that my mom gave me...byk sgt..tu bleh makan 1 keluarge kot, leh campur skali atok wan i divided the recipi into 4..kecik sket la..then it comes to the nak gune 5 biji, bile dah bahagi 4 jadi 1 1/4 eggs..haaha.....ridiculous gile...but it's no big deal...dah siap dah pon cake tu n nad pon ckp,this recipi is from my grandma, then turunkan kat my mom, then turun kat me lak..and i'll make sure my future daughter will get it too..walaupon x reti masak tp wat kek tu adalah mandatory...huhu..what's special bout this cake is lagi lame u keep it, lagi sedap it tastes..but i'm not really sure bout the physiology behind it..heheh..

presentation x de la lawa sgt..but rase still sedap k..hehe~

Friday, May 22, 2009

paediatrics posting

it's been a week of paediatrics posting now and so far i kinda enjoy it...but actually x de la minat sgt cos it's a bit different compared to medicine in terms of history taking n examination.. susah kot nak examine bdk...lg2 when they r really toxic..irritable tu..n nanges je memanjang..

the paeds doctors pon best2...especially dr achamma...dah la cute..hehe..working with children need lots of patience n u have to know how to distract them, make them trust u n's fun actually, u'll get to b at the same level as them..haha..jd bdk2 kejap...

some of the babies are cute..and ade sorg bdk ni cam sin chan..montel kot...cute gile k..hahah..he's everybody's favourite..bile ward rounds je mesti g carik die dulu...and he's really playful.x takut org lak tu...he's only 1yr and a half..and pandai kasi flying kiss..comel gile..since he's gonna be discharged on monday, we took pictures with him...mak die mesti bangge kan sume org suke anak die..hehe..

being around with children makes me want to have kids...haha..kawen pon blom..but a girl kan dream b, i dah kasi hint dah ni..paham2 la ek..heheh....

sin chan indian version...hehe..kawai~

Friday, May 15, 2009

exam exam

yeeehaaaaaa...!!!! exam community medicine dah abes...!!!! but x leh gembire sgt...cos tomorrow ade paper medicine lak...zzz...mlm ni kene bace takayasu...and on tuesday lak ade practical commed...

but actually after today's paper, i feel like commed is not bad after's not that i can answer all the questions tadi but suddenly i have an interest in community sbb x reti sgt jwb exam td n ade kesedaran kene study commed or maybe, just maybe, it's in the mom is a master in public, there..hahah..but no..i still dream of becoming a cardiologist....iA...

hm...after exam medicine esk nak kua meronggeng...release tension pas exam..padahal br abes medicine n commed...zzz...xpe2...i'm going out with fara esk..nk g garuda, croma, mg road, jln2 smpai kaki bengkok pon x pe..pastu plan nak lunch kat UB city..nk mkn sushi...n kalau ade movie best nak tgk movie..n kalo ibu kasi beli printer gune credit card nak beli printer, pastu kalau x takut pokai, nak shopping2...n kalau x kedekut, nak beli waffle maker..ridiculous btol plan...xpe2..see how it goes tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

traube's space

today i got an assignment from dr unni...zzz..again..zzz...actually he gave tini the assignment but when he saw me, he immediately asked me to present it to him tomorrow..siap soh carik die kat ICU lagi..'come find me in the ICU, don't try to run away..i'm gonna catch u'.....huh...apekah rite...haha

as today was the last day of medicine posting, i'm gonna b a good student and research bout the traube's space n its significance..walaupon dah beribu kali doctor2 medicine ni ckp psl traubes space tu..haha..

Traube's space is a semilunar space located at the left side of the upper abdomen...surface marking die, 1st draw a midclavicular line passing the 6th rib. Then draw a midaxillary line passing the 9th, from the 6th rib at the midclavicular line, join it to the 9th rib of the midaxillary line..that is the upper border. draw a line along the costal margin from the 6th rib tu the 9th rib..there u go..traube's space..

anatomically, the upper border is the lower part of the left lung, inferiorly the costal margin, medially the left lobe of liver and laterally the spleen.

contents of the traube's space is the fundus of the stomach, so basically on percussion u'll get a tymphanic note..but when it is dull on percussion, it indicates splenomegaly or full stomach, or sometimes can be due to pleural effusion or hepatomegaly.

Monday, May 11, 2009

trust me


what is trust..?
who can we trust..?
how do we earn trust..??
who will be worthy of having your trust..?

trust is to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something
trust is something that bonds people together
it can be lost and yet regained
trust is what keeps people together, back to back, side to side..helping one another

to trust someone means you trust them with your life
to trust someone is based on your clarity of judgement
to trust is to believe that the person has you 100%

trust is something that should not be abused or betrayed for it is hard to find one in this sinful world...
so, make it special and make it last...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

medicine oh medicine~

it's been like a week of resting n now i'm back...[i mean in blogging world] that i'm already back in india, the new term started...actually dah start a week earlier b4 i got back..biase la extend cuti seminggu...huhu...

now i am officially a 3rd phase student...or some people call it final part 1...omg...sounds scary rite...2 more yrs to go till graduation....long journey basically we finished all theories except community medicine or i prefer to call it PSM [preventive social medicine] and now in clinical phase...makne nye skang ni dok hosp je la...xdok college sgt...

being in this stage rite now is really our jadual sgt la hectic...clinical starts at 8 and end at break yet..then 12.30 till 1.30 ade class...pastu baru break smpai 2.30...pastu smbung balik class till the time smpai umah dah kol 5...sgt pnt kot...lagi2 la kalau tgh posting medicine...bediri lame gile...

speaking of medicine, the doctors skang dah jd makin garang...dah x kasi muke lagi dah...horror k..asyik kene marah je...ade je bende yg x pagi td me,elida, fara n tini kene marah ngan dr manjeera..i feel like crying...but kene marah is normal in medicine..i have to live with it...

so, that's just about my life as 6th term student...penat penat penat...