Friday, May 22, 2009

paediatrics posting

it's been a week of paediatrics posting now and so far i kinda enjoy it...but actually x de la minat sgt cos it's a bit different compared to medicine in terms of history taking n examination.. susah kot nak examine bdk...lg2 when they r really toxic..irritable tu..n nanges je memanjang..

the paeds doctors pon best2...especially dr achamma...dah la cute..hehe..working with children need lots of patience n u have to know how to distract them, make them trust u n's fun actually, u'll get to b at the same level as them..haha..jd bdk2 kejap...

some of the babies are cute..and ade sorg bdk ni cam sin chan..montel kot...cute gile k..hahah..he's everybody's favourite..bile ward rounds je mesti g carik die dulu...and he's really playful.x takut org lak tu...he's only 1yr and a half..and pandai kasi flying kiss..comel gile..since he's gonna be discharged on monday, we took pictures with him...mak die mesti bangge kan sume org suke anak die..hehe..

being around with children makes me want to have kids...haha..kawen pon blom..but a girl kan dream b, i dah kasi hint dah ni..paham2 la ek..heheh....

sin chan indian version...hehe..kawai~

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