Tuesday, May 12, 2009

traube's space

today i got an assignment from dr unni...zzz..again..zzz...actually he gave tini the assignment but when he saw me, he immediately asked me to present it to him tomorrow..siap soh carik die kat ICU lagi..'come find me in the ICU, don't try to run away..i'm gonna catch u'.....huh...apekah rite...haha

as today was the last day of medicine posting, i'm gonna b a good student and research bout the traube's space n its significance..walaupon dah beribu kali doctor2 medicine ni ckp psl traubes space tu..haha..

Traube's space is a semilunar space located at the left side of the upper abdomen...surface marking die, 1st draw a midclavicular line passing the 6th rib. Then draw a midaxillary line passing the 9th rib..next, from the 6th rib at the midclavicular line, join it to the 9th rib of the midaxillary line..that is the upper border. draw a line along the costal margin from the 6th rib tu the 9th rib..there u go..traube's space..

anatomically, the upper border is the lower part of the left lung, inferiorly the costal margin, medially the left lobe of liver and laterally the spleen.

contents of the traube's space is the fundus of the stomach, so basically on percussion u'll get a tymphanic note..but when it is dull on percussion, it indicates splenomegaly or full stomach, or sometimes can be due to pleural effusion or hepatomegaly.

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