Monday, April 13, 2009

ANTM cycle 12

america's next top model is back...!!'s already on it's 7th episode...and i have to say this time around tyra is a bit hard on the photo shoots and the challenges...but everything's really cool...some of the contestants are really good and some are not...

this cycle 12 models are really2 gorgeous and my favourite is celia...she's 25 and she looks wiser than the other girls....and she's fashionable...i'm rooting for her...go celia~


so in the latest episode, they had to do the infamous covergirl commercial...celia really rock it!
tahlia on the other hand is not up to tyra's the challenge with paulina, tahlia just won't loosen up...she's sooooo conscious in every move she made and that's not what a model should be...and she was eliminated...i think she should go home...she's just not rite for the competition and fyi she kept on explaining about the burn wounds and i'm not buying it..

the other girls are great too like natalie, london and fo..they're my favourite too...and allison is sooooo cute plus she's adourable... and i think aminat is a bit rude and her personality is just soooo ghetto..[excuse me,but that's just what i feel]...she talks loud and she's like the typical downtown girl who loves to b in fights....

so, for u guys who loves fashion and modeling, this is a great show and u don't wanna miss it...

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